Electrode Boiler (High Voltage Electrode Type)

The Novatherm eVolta+ electric boiler is an electrode-type high voltage jet steam boiler.

Principles of Operation

During operation of the eVolta+, water is pumped to a distribution header which directs water jets on electrodes, creating a series of electric circuits of controlled resistance that directly heat the water and produce steam. The load is controlled by varying the speed of the pump which varies the number of jets directed toward the electrode and the amount of steam generated.


  • Greater than 99% efficiency
  • Very high turndown (as low as 1% MCR)
  • Quick response to load changes
  • High-quality steam
  • No moving parts
  • No emissions
  • No special water treatment
  • Small footprint Vs steam output
  • Low installation cost
  • Industrial grade components

Standard Equipment

Our boilers come equipped with all the controls required to ensure a safe and automatic operation. Novatherm only uses components and controls that are well known for their high quality and availability. Replacement parts are available throughout North America.

Technical Information

Capacity:From 3,000 to 65,000 kW
Application:High pressure steam (≤ 150 psi)
Very high pressure steam ( 150 to 500 psi)
Hot water, low temperature (≤ 250°F)
Fuel:Electrical voltage 4.6 kV to 25 kV
Efficiency:Close to 100%
Emissions:0 emission