Boiler Feed System

The NovaFeed boiler feedwater system collects condensate and automatically adds make-up water to compensate for system losses. The system provides feed water for the boiler to ensure its safe operation.

The tank can be supplied with a single pump or, when system redundancy is required, with several pumps. Furthermore, our pumps are designed to ensure optimum operations of the feedwater supply, either continuously or intermittently for larger capacities.

In a system with multiple boilers, one tank can be used to supply feedwater to the entire boiler room.

NovaFeed Boiler Fedd System


The temperature control system operates autonomously with a probe, an automatic valve, and a temperature controller. A low-level switch automatically cuts power to prevent pump cavitation. A control panel is also provided, including magnetic starters, push buttons, and switches for the pumping system.


Our tanks are designed to ensure uninterrupted operation of the boilers for at least 10 minutes, leaving enough time for the condensate to return to the tank after running through the system. Our feedwater tanks can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your system to ensure optimal operations.

The feedwater tank is not pressurized, allowing the condensate flowing back from the system by gravity to be recovered. It can also serve as a transfer tank when using a deaerator.

Protection Against Corrosion

Using steam from the boiler, the tank will automatically heat the feedwater above the oxygen saturation point. The gas is then discharged out of the system through the oversized vent, maximizing corrosion resistance for the whole system.

Standard Equipment

Novatherm only uses components and manufacturers that are well known for their high quality and availability. Replacement parts are available throughout North America.

Technical Information

Capacity:From 1,380 lb/hr (40 HP) to 48,300 lb/hr (1,400 HP)
Application:Low pressure steam (≤ 15 psi)
High pressure steam (≤ 150 psi)
Very high pressure steam (> 150 psi)
Superheated steam (< 750°F)
Temperature:From cold temperature (100% make-up) to 210°F
Voltage:575/3/60 or other voltages are available as an option
Material:Standard carbon steel. Stainless steel 304 is available as an option
Insulation:Insulation and cladding are offered as an option