Large Portable Boiler Room

The PowerPOD portable boiler room, or mobile boiler room, contains all the necessary components to start, run, and maintain high-capacity steam and hot water service. The PowerPOD includes a packaged boiler with a burner, feedwater treatment, storage and pumping, fuel handling equipment, and electrical switch gear. All connections are made on the outside of the unit, allowing for easy hookups.

Novatherm offers complete mobile boiler rooms for permanent or temporary needs. The PowerPOD system is packaged either in a trailer or in a container and offers a fully autonomous, ready to operate solution.


Key Benefits of the PowerPOD Portable Boiler Room

  • Availability—Boilers can be dispatched from site to site in just a few hours.
  • Weather protection—The entire system (boiler, water treatment, and controls) are mounted inside a trailer or a container, protecting the equipment and operators from rain, snow, and freezing cold temperatures.
  • Convenience—The PowerPOD is designed for the comfort of the operators and to provide enough space for them to perform their work (maintaining logbooks, water testing, inspections, etc.).
  • Fast and easy start-up—Being a self-contained system, only a connection to a water and fuel supply, an electrical power source, and a steam header are required for operation.


The PowerPOD solution is fully autonomous, so it can be installed in areas where services are not available. It can also be easily added to an existing boiler room without causing major boiler room reconfiguration work. In addition, the PowerPOD system is fully insulated with air heaters and an emergency generator, making it ready for extreme conditions.

Sale or Lease

Our PowerPOD systems are available for rent, both short and long-term. They are also available for sale.


The PowerPOD can be fully packaged into a sea container to accommodate limited space or in trailers of different lengths to provide greater mobility.


We package our PowerPOD systems with our eVoTube series of firetube boilers, modified to generate steam or hot water. Because Novatherm has developed a patented version of our flexible water tube boiler suitable for a container, we can provide to our customers a much greater range of versatility of applications.

We offer a complete boiler room for high-capacity steam in a standard container, or with a thermal fluid heater, or a very high-pressure steam boiler with or without superheated steam.

Standard Equipment

Our systems come equipped with all the controls required to ensure a safe and automatic operation. Novatherm only uses components and manufacturers that are well known for their high quality and availability. Replacement parts are available throughout North America.

PowerPOD inside

Technical Information

Capacity:From 1.3 MMBTU/hr or 1,380 lb/hr (40 HP) to 26.8 MMBTU/hr or 27,600 lb/hr (800 HP).
Application:Low pressure steam (≤ 15 psi)
High pressure steam (≤ 150 psi)
Very high pressure steam (> 150 psi)
Superheated steam (< 750°F)
Hot water, low temperature (≤ 250°F)
Hot water, high temperature (> 250°F)
Thermal fluid
Fuel:Natural gas, propane, light oil
Efficiency:80% or higher upon request, fuel-to-steam efficiency
Emissions:Meets current local regulatory limits
Certifications:CSA and CRN for all provinces