Wet Steam Accumulators

A steam accumulator is a pressure vessel with internals and controls that stabilize the steam draw conditions. Large load swings, associated with batch processing industries and processes, often cause boiler shutdowns. The accumulator acts as a capacitor, storing thermal energy for short periods of time until the process requires it.

The most appropriate means of instantaneously providing clean, dry steam to meet peak demand is to use a method of storing steam so that it can be released when required. Novatherm’s wet steam accumulators are engineered and designed to store that energy (steam) in a mass of water under pressure. Flash steam will be generated at the rate demanded by any load at the discharging pressure.

Steam Accumulator

Benefits of Using a Steam Accumulator

  • No more downtime due to peak steam demand
  • Lower capital cost of using a smaller boiler with a steam accumulator Vs a larger steam boiler sized to meet peak demand
  • Fuel savings resulting from a smaller boiler operating closer to its design output on the steadiest load
  • Cost savings from reduced maintenance due to equipment operating at a steadier load and better quality steam
  • Preserved and/or extended boiler life
  • No additional operating cost
  • Overall increase in thermal efficiency

Our engineering team at Novatherm will design, engineer, and supply a steam accumulator system that will meet your operation and performance requirements.