Water Tube 3-Pass Flexible Boiler


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The DeltaFlex boiler is designed for a smaller capacity and footprint but is packed with the same innovations, quality features and operational efficiency as our other boiler lines.

Guaranteed Efficiency & Low Emission

The DeltaFlex’s innovative design and tube arrangement provides combustion efficiency between 80% to 82%.

Fitted with up-to-date, low NOx burner technology, the DeltaFlex will comply with your local emissions regulations.

DeltaFlex Flues Path

Compact Design, Reduced Footprint

The DeltaFlex compact 3 gas passes design allows its overall size to be smaller than most other types of boilers of equivalent capacity. It is fully accessible from one side only, making it possible to be located alongside a wall.

Superior Heat Transfer and Water Circulation

The DeltaFlex tubes are arranged in a staggered pattern, providing a more efficient heat transfer and overall boiler efficiency. Each pass slopes upward. This feature, together with its insulated internal downcomers, ensures a quick and efficient internal water circulation, promoting better heat transfer and, most importantly, a homogeneous temperature gradient throughout the boiler which eliminates damage caused by thermal stress.

Flexible Boiler

These flexible watertube boilers are versatile and perfectly suited for many applications. They can be configured to generate hot water or steam at very high pressure, or to heat thermal fluid with a large temperature differential.

Unlike firetube boilers, which must be kept hot when on standby, flexible watertube boilers can generate steam quickly on demand.

High-Quality Steam, Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

The DeltaFlex steam drum is sized and fitted with innovative internals to provide a large steam release area and water volume, resulting in a stable water level and production of extremely dry steam at all load conditions.

The boiler comes as a complete, shop-assembled package requiring minimum work to install and start up. Its main downcomers are internal, meaning they require no “on site” external insulation—and no unpleasant surprises.

The furnace, the boiler tube section, and the burner head are easily accessible from one side through insulated inner panels, resulting in much easier inspection and maintenance and shorter downtime.

FerrulesShould repairs ever be required, the DeltaFlex boiler is built to keep repair work and downtime to a minimum. For easy maintenance, we use ferrules to connect tubes to drums, only two tube patterns, and ceramic fiber insulation for easier handling and longer service life.

Standard Equipment

Our boilers come equipped with all the controls required to ensure a safe and automatic operation. Novatherm only uses components and burners that are well known for their high quality and availability. Replacement parts are available throughout North America.

Technical Information

Capacity:From 1.7 MMBTU/hr (50 HP) to 8.4 MMBTU/hr (250 HP)
Application:Hot Water
Low pressure steam (≤ 15 psi)
High pressure steam (≤ 150 psi)
Very high pressure steam (> 150 psi)
Fuel:Natural gas, propane, light oil
Efficiency:82% (low pressure) / 80% (high pressure) fuel to steam efficiency
Emissions:Meets current local regulatory limits
Gas Passes:3