Industrial Boilers

At Novatherm, our group of engineers is experienced in the design and manufacture of boilers. We offer very large capacity industrial boilers and can provide custom-designed equipment manufactured for your specific applications.

A, D, and O Type

Each of our A, D, and O type boilers is made with membrane walls to provide a fully cooled furnace while ensuring complete sealing of flue gasses. With the addition of a radiant and convective superheater, it is possible to obtain an almost constant steam temperature across the operating range.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

Novatherm can also customize O-type designs to build HRSGs. A furnace can be added to this type of boiler to reduce the gas temperature before entering the boiler bank.

High Temperature Heaters

Novatherm also designs and manufactures Lamont-type high-temperature hot water or thermal fluid boilers.