Large Capacity Condensing Hot Water Boiler

Novatherm integrates condensing economizers with traditional hot water boilers to provide large capacity condensing boilers.

High Energy Efficiency

By combining the features of a condensing economizer with either our PowerTube firetube boiler or our PowerFlex flexible water tube boiler, we offer large capacity, high-efficiency hot water boilers, making it unnecessary to install several smaller condensing boilers to obtain an equivalent capacity.

Standard equipment

Our equipment is supplied fully integrated on a skid. Our boilers come equipped with all the controls required to ensure a safe and automatic operation. Novatherm only uses components and burners that are well known for their high quality and availability. Replacement parts are available throughout North America.

Technical Information

Capacity:From 2 MMBTU/hr (60 HP) to 40 MMBTU/hr (1200 HP). Higher capacities are available.
Application:Hot water, low temperature (≤ 250°F)
Fuel:Natural gas, propane
Efficiency:From 88% to 99.5% depending on water temperatures
Emissions:Meets current local regulatory limits